Innovative Scientific Research and Technology

The Jupiter Research Foundation (JRF) is a non-profit scientific research organization (501(c)(3)).

Established in 2003, the Foundation is dedicated to conducting innovative scientific research and finding technological solutions to problems which are outside of mainstream science and technology. Our findings are shared with the public and academic community in hopes of better monitoring and understanding the natural world.

Today, JRF has refined its expertise in Communications, Marine Science, and Electrobiology and is actively engaging in academic research as well as in the development of technology that provides information to solve tough global problems.




Autonomous Surface

AUtonomous Microscope

Whale Studies

One of JRF’s earliest successes is the Wave Glider, an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) , which ultimately led to the founding of Liquid Robotics Inc.

“The Whale Sings”, a JRF documentary by David Hoffman on how the song of the humpback whale inspired the invention of the Wave Glider