Puako, Hawaii 2018

Offline For Maintenance

Live Whale Audio:
Typically 8am-5pm HST

The whales are back, and so are we! Our fleet of Wave Gliders are involved in some very interesting projects from ocean microscopes to underwater cameras, to our most ambitious project to date, HUMPACS. The Jupiter Research Foundation is dedicated to developing and applying new technologies for monitoring and understanding the natural world and sharing them with the public and the academic community. 

During the winter, the humpback whale breeding season, Wave Gliders are deployed off the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i to transmit whale songs in real-time to our website. Our hydrophone payloads are solar-powered, which means our live whale audio is weather dependent and may not stream all night. However, if you are listening after dusk (Hawai’i time) you will likely hear what sounds like static. Scientists call this a “chorus,” which is believed to be fishes in the Myctophidae family that rise up with the deep scattering layer to forage at night.

If you click the "Play" button and no song plays, it means the weather isn’t permitting or we are on another project but we’ll be back soon. In the meantime, you can listen to our Song Archive. We also have a downloadable ringtone of the Lone Ranger recorded off our Wave Glider! Learn more about Lone Ranger's debut song and current Jupiter updates on Talk Story.

Current Live Whale Listeners