Humpback Whales Live Song

The Humpback Whale Project is the first of Jupiter Research Foundation's major endeavors. The objective was to make live Humpback whale sounds available on our website both for the research community and for public enjoyment. We have successfully met this objective, making these live sounds available on the Internet since the summer of 2003. We have also focused our energy on improving our software and hardware to optimize live sound quality and maximize live sound availability.
The first phase of this project was to develop and construct a series of solar powered radio buoys that would detect and wirelessly transmit the whale sounds to shore. The first of our buoys was activated in 2003, in Hawaii. Since then the buoys have evolved significantly and are more complex, more effective, and more reliable.

We have moved on from moored buoys with radio transmitters, to using Wave Gliders® to travel to any position we like and transmit the live audio back to shore using cell phone signals. This allows us much better quality sound as well as other data transmission such as pictures. An added benefit of utilizing cell phone technology is the prevalence of cell towers. This means the Wave Glider based system can be sent and operate off the coast of most of the developed world.

© Flip Nicklin / Minden Pictures, NMFS Permit 987   Humpback in singing position

© Flip Nicklin / Minden Pictures, NMFS Permit 987

Humpback in singing position

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